David Adams
"Graduated in Modern History from Oxford University, Former Reuters Editor in charge for the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean, USA"

David Adams is a prize-winning journalist based in Miami, and former Reuters Editor in Charge for the Southeast US and Caribbean. 

British born and trilingual, Adams, 54, was previously editor of the Hispanic business magazine, Poder, and spent 15 years as the Miami-based Latin America correspondent of the St Petersburg Times, Florida’s largest newspaper, now renamed the Tampa Bay Times.

He is a frequent guest on Miami’s English and Spanish language radio and TV stations and has covered many historic events in the region, including the civil wars in Central America, the U.S. invasion of Panama, the Zapatista uprising in Mexico, as well as numerous trips to Cuba.

He lived and worked for 5 years in Central America from 1987-92 working freelance for several US and UK media, including The Economist, National Public Radio and the BBC.

In 2002 he was awarded the prestigious Maria Moors Cabot prize by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism for outstanding reporting on Latin America and commitment to inter-American understanding. In 1999 he was awarded the Paul Hansell Distinguished Journalism Award, the top journalism prize in Florida presented by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors.

 Adams was born in Beirut and graduated in Modern History from Oxford University.