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Our market intelligence tools deliver the strategical information you need to eliminate risk and uncertainty.

Our company has an information portal about the Cuban economy and its many sectors. In this portal, our consultants publish articles providing preliminary results of their research and analysis of the Cuban economy or specific market segments, which will be available in the form of executive summaries and full reports through our products THCG Business Report and THCG Macroeconomic Forecast Report.

These articles, which will focus on the Cuban market and the Cuban economy, its performance and business opportunities will be available to interested persons without charge. The information will be available in Spanish and English. The experts who will write the articles are part of the team of experts who would provide consulting services to clients.

The online consulting services have three products aimed specifically at clients such as tourists, small business owners, businessmen, academics, journalists, companies, and other persons interested in information about the Cuban economy and business opportunities in the island.