Omar Everleny Pérez Villanueva
"Ph.D Economy, Havana University"

Awarded a Doctorate Degree in Economics by the Universidad de la Habana in 1998. Also earned an MA in Economics and International Politics from the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Mexico City, in 1990 and a BA in Economics from the Universidad de la Habana in 1984.

Titular Professor of Economics at the Universidad de la Habana and former Director of the Centro para el Estudio de la Economía Cubana at the same university.

Has been a consultant for international and national organizations and has conducted economic research studies in Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe. He also has experience in conducting comparative economic development studies.

Has given more than 300 lectures in national and international venues, among other locations in the United States, Japan, France, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, China, Malaysia, Argentina, Peru, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia and Norway.

Has held appointments as invited professor in universities in the United States. Japan and France. Has participated in more than 120 international professional events held in Cuba as well and abroad.

Has conducted about 80 research studies regarding different aspects of the Cuban economy and international economics. Has published over 80 articles in professional journals and has co-authored several books published in Cuba and abroad, among them those published with Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, Sorbonne University Paris 3, Institute of Development Economics (IDE-JETRO) in Japan, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad de la Habana.